EasyMetrics Labor Management System

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Labor Management System with EasyMetrics

  • Gaining visibility into your Cost-To-Serve (CTS). That includes understanding where every labor dollar was spent and how much it costs to perform each action. An example might be that it is costs $.17 per case to pick an order for Walmart, but $.39 per case to pick an order for Nordstrom. Another example would be learning that the facility spent $9,500 last month on “Downtime”.
    We find that managers are frequently surprised by how much of their labor costs are spent on non-value added activities
  • The second challenge is how to reduce handling ratio. This can be achieved several different ways including:
    • Making sure you have the right number of people for their workload
    • Maximizing the time spent on value added processes
    • And increasing the productivity when employees are working on those processes

Pay-for-Performance, if done correctly, can be a great way to drive down your handling ratio while also increasing employee compensation. Our system has the tools needed to achieve this goal.


The key to successful operations is being able to use data to drive continuous improvement

  • There are numerous activities taking place out on the floor, and there may be multiple different data systems that are capturing different parts of this activity
  • Those data sources can be pulled into Easy Metrics, merged together and then transformed into usable information that can be used to help eliminate waste and improve productivity
  • This process is continuously repeated so Supervisors and Managers can see the impact from any training, counseling or process improvement changes that they made, and continue to refine as needed

ROI in Months not Years

Eliminate missing time

Time paid to employees but not accounted for with direct or indirect processes

Drive accountability in the workforce

Create a culture of excellence and transparency
Result: increase productivity by ~10% by coaching, training, and enabling employee empowerment

Drive process improvements & Lean analysis

Cost data to drive smarter business decisions
Process optimization

Minimize hours on indirect tasks

Reduce indirect time by 5-10%
Result: Increase productivity by ~10% by gaining visibility into and then eliminating wasted time


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