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Real FMX, the leading forklift management system

Real Telematics USA™ is the exclusive distributor for REAL FMX products in North America and the Middle East. Over the past 15 years the lift truck industry has explored the benefits and potential of telemetry. The majority of the products that are currently in the market are driven by large forklift manufacturing companies and are proprietary to their products and on board technology. REAL FMX is unique in that it captures data from over 24 inputs from any lift truck no matter the OEM and sends the data instantly to a real time live web based management system which uses an open architecture and will work with mixed fleets as well as other equipment in customer locations.

RTS USA has the ability to incorporate other products such as LMS and Financial Systems, analytics, laser safety fork lights, blue tooth temperature monitoring for cold storage and any number of other data points from a typical warehouse or commercial large equipment facility. This data can be captured by the FMX unit and transmitted to the cloud based management system and incorporated into the company’s key metrics so it is easily available to make strategic and timely decisions that will directly benefit their bottom line numbers.

A system to manage the daily operational issues from Labor Productivity, to truck maintenance (preventative) and now Product Temperature Monitoring (to meet FISMA rules) and everything in between

Truck Basic functionality includes:

  • Driver Authorization
  • Automating vehicle access
  • Electronic operator safety checklist that is recorded
  • Sensors or CAN integration
  • Monitor and report impacts
  • Control, monitor and track truck operations, usage and performance
  • Web-based Dashboard

Enterprise level Advanced solutions includes:

  • FMX BASIC functionality
  • Text to Driver Messaging
  • Single interface that collects information into a web-based dashboard
  • Advanced Productivity Data- Detailed Trip Metrics via Load Sensors and Productivity Software
  • Task Selection/ Management data and analysis for actionable business solutions
  • Visibility- RTLS and historical tracking of truck/ operator
  • Automated Zone Control
  • Integrated EM Labor Management System
  • Tailored Consulting Services

Real FMX, the leading forklift management system, is the flagship product under the Real Telematics USA™ banner.

Real FMX Track is a full vehicle fleet management system that offers satellite tracking, trip replays and full management reports.

Easy Metrics is a cloud-based labor management and financial management system to help increase productivity and cost savings


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